Bernie Sanders poised to endorse Hillary Clinton at upcoming event

While this is not ideal for Clinton, both voting cohorts do agree when it comes to their opinion of Donald Trump.

Senator Bernie Sanders will officially drop out of the presidential running race to endorse Hillary Clinton next Tuesday, according to leaks from the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee's campaign operatives.

Roughly four-in-ten voters (41 percent) say it is hard to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton because neither would make a good president, as high as at any point since 2000.

But it looks like Sanders will soon throw in the towel, because he's reportedly planning on endorsing Clinton for president next week!

Dickinson says it's not clear how enthusiastically Sanders will endorse Clinton because some of his supporters might be disappointed if Sanders embraces a political culture that he strongly criticized during his year long campaign. The Democrats spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private discussions.

"I think the system has many, many flaws, but we knew what we were getting into", Sanders said, referring to his doubts about Clinton's fair winning of the nomination.

Part of the confusion for readers trying to negotiate what is real could be occurring because the interview from July 6 between Wolf Blitzer and Bernie Sanders on CNN was not a complete video clip when it was placed online.

In analyzing Sanders and his goals, Eric Levitz wrote in NY magazine that Sanders is more interested in an ideological movement than the party. "Throughout his campaign, the former independent called on supporters to put ideology above party, commitment to principles above (supposed) pragmatism".

In the wake of the Federal Bureau of Investigation report, Clinton needs the votes of as numerous Pied Piper of Burlington's young followers as possible, lest they undercut her by staying home or backing independent candidates in what could be an uncomfortably close election. Barack Obama, Clinton ended her presidential bid and endorsed him in a speech on June 7.

Still, Sanders is agitating for more at Democratic National Convention's full platform committee meeting in Orlando.

Sanders said Clinton's email practices remain a "relevant issue" for voters as do questions about Trump's business background and practices.

Forty-one percent of people said it is hard to chose between Clinton and Trump because neither would make a good president. Last week, an initial draft of the platform included an endorsement of a $15 per hour minimum wage, which Sanders has advocated. Almost three-quarters of this cohort (74 percent) agree more with her on foreign policy, closely followed by abortion (72 percent), immigration (70 percent), and LGBT issues (70 percent).

Sanders' presence and voice, Grijalva said, will be important to unity.

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