Microsoft's Windows 10 build can tie licenses to your online account

Ever since Microsoft introduced Product Activation, the feature has been known to cause problems, deactivate PCs, and generally behave obnoxiously. Reactivating a PC that suddenly thinks your copy of Windows isn’t genuine (usually due to a hardware upgrade) ranges from a few clicks of the Activation Manager (best case) to a phone call to Microsoft. Now, the company wants to streamline this process and associate Windows activation codes with specific systems.

The action center will be made more useful than ever, with adaptive toast notifications bringing interactive large images and more content.

However, the most recent update should improve Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games and apps, which, up until now have been avoided by many gamers due to generally disappointing performance and a framerate lock despite DirectX12 support.

At a later Windows developer user group event though, Gallo was more nuanced. At another session, Gallo then went on to confirm the company's focus on its core enterprise segment, pointing out the failure of the previous strategy of releasing low-cost devices.

To that end, he teased that Microsoft was planning a high-end "category innovation" device. The Surface Phone has been reported to be under development under the code-name "Juggernaut Alpha". If you're still using Windows Phone 8.x, the HERE apps will not be automatically removed, and of course they will not be updated going forward as well.

The problem, though, is lack of third-party applications.

Whether you're talking about a streaming box like a Roku or A/V receivers, remote apps are becoming an essential component. Any information found through the app can be printed and shared with others.

In its zeal to get PC owners to upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft is resorting to some underhanded tactics. Indeed, the HERE apps will continue functioning on their phones. If you have a small infection before the upgrade, wait until you see what happens after the upgrade.



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