Live WWE RAW Results & Discussion Now In Progress

Live WWE RAW Results & Discussion Now In Progress

Live WWE RAW Results & Discussion Now In Progress

The matches set up for WWE's next pay-per-view event, Money in the Bank are also pretty wonderful. Also, there are rumors of some Superstars returning tonight.

Sandow would use his briefcase to challenge John Cena on Monday Night Raw, and after being defeated by an already injured champion, Sandow found himself on a steep and steady decline down the card. Then something happened. As Rollins celebrated his win, we heard Dean Ambrose's theme start to play. This will be one of the toughest early prediction blogs I've had to do because the WWE Draft is slated for July 19th. Immediately, Ambrose is greeted by "You deserve it!" chants from the crowd.

The sped up time frame for a Ambrose vs. Rollins vs. Reigns match is likely due to WWE's forthcoming brand split. Schamberger has a long-standing relationship with WWE: the company spotted his excellent paintings of wrestlers old and new online, and partnered up with him to sell prints and t-shirts.

"I was immediately so exhausted from a match that lasted 30 seconds", he said. My prediction, Rollins wins by DQ, but Reigns keeps the title. To sort things out is none other than Shane McMahon. Seth Rollins pinned Roman Reigns for his first WWE World Championship win at WrestleMania 31, then Reigns pinned Dean Ambrose for his first reign at Survivor Series.

A six-man ladder bout for the Money In The Bank briefcase that contains a contract that can be cashed in at any time for a championship title match promises to be a highlight. After the match, Owens attacked Zayn and tried to powerbomb him off the Raw stage. With his killer arsenal of moves, having him win on basically a rollup off of arrogant Sheamus pin attempt doesn't make him look strong. The two continued to brawl through the commercial break, ending up backstage.

-The New Day successfully defended their titles in the four corners tag match.

A match that was constantly shifting momentum between the two, as they threw big splashes, clotheslines and superkicks at one another at Money In The Bank.

Fatal 4-Way, Aiden English vs Luke Gallows vs Big Cass vs Kofi Kingston: Kofi won the match after delivering Trouble in Paradise to Aiden English.

- AJ Styles is out to address last night's controversial victory over John Cena. The action was apparent from the get go and, at times, the officials had a hard time controlling who was in the ring, which is typical for this kind of match. It won't hurt Cena since he will win the next two and bury The Club. Cena realizes it doesn't matter because of the numbers advantage, so Styles chooses Anderson to face Cena tonight. Despite The Club not being allowed to interfere, I see Styles beating Cena on this night.

Winner: Cena held up AJ for the Attitude Adjustment, but accidentally knocked the ref out of the ring. The ref returned to the ring and made the three count for AJ. Cena covered Styles but the referee was down.

Corbin hit the end of days and picked up a win over Ziggler. Becky vs Natalya is a solid feud, but the champion is left with nothing.

Money in the Bank 2016 lasted almost three and a half hours as it competed against Game 7 of the NBA Finals. And maybe it wasn't, after all Dana Brooke was supposed to be Emma's enforcer until her [Emma] unfortunate back injury.

Another nothing match with a feud that's treading water until the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks showdown at Summerslam, which ended with Natalya doing her third PPV loss in a row after a so-so match (when Charlotte pinned Natalya at 6:55).

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