Facebook is forcing users to download yet another app

Facebook is forcing users to download yet another app

Facebook is forcing users to download yet another app

That album will be going away after July 7, making Moments the way Facebook wants its users to automatically upload photos privately. What they're doing now is eerily similar to what they did with their Messenger app two years ago. So if you've ever used the auto-sync feature in the past, you have until July 7 to download all your photos before they're gone forever.

The social media giant unveiled a syncing feature in 2012, which automatically uploaded images from the user's phone to a private album on the website.

Facebook has threatened to delete any photos uploaded by users' phones, unless they switch to its new Moments app (pictured) and access their synced photos by the deadline. Even if they don't want to install the new app, they are being given the option to download all these photos as an archive before they are deleted. The Facebook is forcing the users to install moments by threatening to delete photos. The photos were saved and if you wanted to post them you could. The application allows users to privately share photos with friends and organize their albums in an intuitive way.

Both iOS and Android devices are affected by the move, with some users having already received emails from Facebook warning them about the change.

Anyway, the Moments app is dedicated to photo-sharing, and is, perhaps, a response to Instagram's (which Facebook owns) waning popularity. It also enables Facebook users to group images by a particular event which can then be shared among a group of friends. The social network is applying the same heavy handed philosophy to its chat app to its Moments photo-uploading tool.

According to Tech Crunch, Facebook has taken to emailing users and advising them to install the app.

The files were stored in either a folder inside the application or a folder on the desktop called Synced from Phone.

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