Resident Evil 7 Boss Wasn't Happy With Silent Hills/PT's Cancellation

Resident Evil 7 Boss Wasn't Happy With Silent Hills/PT's Cancellation

Resident Evil 7 Boss Wasn't Happy With Silent Hills/PT's Cancellation

In addition to the absence of zombies, replaced by a randomly appearing ghost girl in the demo, there is also none of the high-powered weaponry that has been a staple of Resident Evil titles. Fans of the franchise are already looking forward to the game's release, but until then, there are still many secrets and cryptic messages in Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour that need to be figured out. As expected, "Resident Evil 7" will be fully compatible with VR headset features, specifically the PlayStation VR (PS VR), PlayStation Lifestyle reported. It is further noted that there was a different retail of "Resident Evil: Director's Cut" that did not come with a demo and this version had a different SLUS code.

It's been a while but horror fans just have a little while to wait till Resident Evil 7 releases early 2017. However, the report also points out that it is possible this is merely an elaborate Easter egg.

As it turns out, Resident Evil VII is taking yet another page from Kojima, by making its demo a standalone story separate from the main game.

Attendees at the industry event were given the chance to play "Resident Evil Biohazard", a survival horror game that places a person in a dilapidated, dark and disheveled house which they have to escape from.

Resident Evil 7 launches January 24 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Will Resident Evil 7 have ties with the storyline of past titles in the franchise? The main characters will be a new cast of normal people without superhuman abilities, like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker eventually became in the later games. Kawata is right to be disappointed that Silent Hills was never able to finish development, but hopefully his own Resident Evil VII project will scratch that itch for horror gamers.

It goes without saying that Capcom has incorporated a few major changes in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard as evident from Playstation Plus demo and announcement trailer.

Moreover, he did reiterate that the entire game will be played from first-person perspective in order to create more immersive and personal feeling and to add a horror element.

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