Microsoft delivers Windows 10 Preview Build 14367 for PC and Mobile

Microsoft has been busy releasing updates for Windows 10 today.

If you've been facing issues in performing a clean install then Dona Sarkar, Software Engineer, Windows and Devices Group has a solution for you.

Microsoft put a temporary hold on releasing new features for Windows Insiders earlier this week, but new builds are still rolling out as Microsoft focuses on bashing bugs.

You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Any other software that's installed will be blown away, including the various applications and utilities that OEMs continue to bundle with their systems. Microsoft has released two Windows 10 test builds this week to testers, and the company is running a "bug bash" to try to discover as many bugs as possible before it finalizes the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

We have fixed the issue causing PC and Mobile devices trying to project to a PC (via the new PC Access feature) to fail. If you're missing drivers after a clean installation has run, Microsoft advises going to Settings Update & security Windows Update, along with your PC maker's website.

They also rolled out an update for the Windows Store. These range from "use Cortana's new wider language support" to "provision a device using the enterprise deployment tools".

According to the forum message - which was penned by a Microsoft employee identified only as "Jason" - Refresh Windows downloads and installs a recent, pristine build of Windows 10 on the PC, overwriting the pre-installed version.

Microsoft's recent push with a single operating system - Windows 10 - is in stark contrast with announcements from Apple (AAPL) this week where it touted having four separate operating systems.

Any applications that aren't part of Windows will be removed.



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