Game of Thrones 6×09 Battle of the Bastards preview

Guess we'll just have to watch the "Battle of the Bastards" and see.

The promo only showed the Battle of the Bastards, which hinted to maybe this being like Season 2, Episode 9's "Blackwater", which focused the entire episode on the Battle of the Blackwater.

Trust Bronn, our Game of Thrones drinking buddy, to point out the obvious. Everyone is buying the books.

[Bronn] tells us what the audience suspects.

But alas. This was never a series that believed in brevity, in any format. This week, GoT makers made up for that because The Hounds brings with him his couldn't-care-less brand of humour and an irreplaceable love for chicken. Cersei is rapidly running out of moves, but Qyburn has a bit of information about that pesky rumor.

Though if you thought Arya was sloppily leaving clues behind to get caught, you'd be right - because the wounded Stark girl was actually leading the Waif back to a dark hovel where she could fight in total darkness.

And the Riverrun situation is also resolved, but without any of the set pieces or payoff of the conflict we were expecting, or even hoping for.

In a long-awaited reunion, Jaime and Brienne came face to face.

Cersei's fighting back. She takes a stand against orders from the High Septon and has her massive armored bodyguard, The Mountain, kill one of his men.

Edmure was allowed inside and told his men to lay down their arms. He deserved better than an off-camera end. I love him. And he knew Brienne would too because of the way she looks at Jaime.

After Blackfish turned Brienne down, the Kingslayer released prisoner Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) to once again become the lord of the castle - after convincing him to switch sides by threatening to use his newborn son as a cannonball. So is Arya Stark really going home? It looks like someone else may be coming back from the dead.

She added to Entertainment Weekly: "Arya hasn't been emotional in a long time and we wanted to bring that emotion". He was going to fight for his home, even if it killed him.

Run, Arya! (Picture: HBO)Was Arya v The Waif a complete cop out?

The latest episode revealed Arya was still alive after being stabbed by the mysterious Waif previously.

There's also the weird detail that the Waif more or less seems to be channeling the T-1000 through that whole chase scene. As long as "needle" was still hidden away, Arya would always remain Arya Stark, and in this episode she re-embraces her name. Then he comes up on Dondarrion and more Brotherhood, who are abour to hang the real culprits behind killing Brother Ray and his September Hound wants blood big time, so Dondarrion allows him two to kill.

Brienne + Jaime 4ever (Picture: HBO)Will Brienne and Jaime just hurry up and get it on already?

Much of the season so far has been a slow build up to what will hopefully be an explosive finale (or explosive episode 9 at least, as is always the way) and this episode leaves us nearly tasting the action and drama to come next week.

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