Will Cleveland End Its Championship Drought This Year?

Will Cleveland End Its Championship Drought This Year?

Will Cleveland End Its Championship Drought This Year?

Cleveland’s championship woes have been well documented, but LeBron James and his Cavaliers were expected to be the team to bring the city its first professional sports championship since the Cleveland Browns in 1964. After starting the season with the best online NBA sportsbook odds to win the championship, the Cavaliers find themselves in a 2-0 hole in the NBA Finals.

Despite being down 2-0, the Cavs still have a chance to win their first NBA championship because the next two games will be played in Cleveland, giving them a chance to tie it up and send the series back to Oakland. 

However, if the Cavs lose game 3, the series will be all but over because no NBA team has ever overcome a 3-0 deficit to win a series.

In game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers did not give a performance to inspire their fans, losing to the Golden State Warriors by 33 points. In the first two games, the Cavaliers lost by a combined total of 48 points, which is the largest in NBA Finals history through the first two games.

After teams like the Browns in the 80s, the Indians in 1997, and the Cavaliers in 2007, came so close to winning championships but ultimately failed, Cleveland fans have come to expect disappointment from their professional teams.

When LeBron James left the Cavaliers for Miami in 2010, it seemed like Cleveland last hope of winning a championship any time soon was gone. After four years and two championships in Miami, James returned to the Cavaliers, once again giving the city hope.

For the first time since they drafted James, the Cavaliers made a big splash by trading for All-Star power forward Kevin Love, giving the Cavaliers a “Big 3” to match what James had in Miami.

In his first season back in Cleveland, James led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals for a second time, but injuries to Love and Kyrie Irving proved too much to overcome as they lost to the Warriors in six games.

This season, the Cavaliers made it back to the finals, this time with a healthy Love and Irving, but they have been outplayed by the defending champions so far.

After all the disappointments and heartbreak that Cleveland has gone through, LeBron James believes that the city and fans deserve a championship. Head coach Tyronn Lue also believes that the city deserves a championship.

Given all that their fans have had to endure since 1964, Cleveland deserves a championship. However, the city’s best hope to win a championship in the near future are the Cavaliers because the Browns are in the midst of another rebuild, and the Indians aren’t considered a legitimate contender in baseball, despite currently leading their division.

However, it will take a lot of work for the Cavaliers to win the championship this season because they have to fight back from a 2-0 deficit. If the Cavaliers are unable to comeback against the Warriors, their chances of winning a championship will be significantly reduced because LeBron is going to be 32-years-old at the start of next season, and teams like the Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder (If Kevin Durant stays) are significantly younger and have more depth.

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