Microsoft Surface Pro 5: The latest rumors on release date and specs

Microsoft launched the fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet in October previous year, which makes the release of the Surface Pro 5 during the last quarter of 2016 a possibility, preferably in October again. The company is now anticipated to change this with the release of the Surface Phone. According to some observers, the Sky Lake architecture is one of the drawbacks to the Surface Book due to its immensely powerful, performance-driven setup, and Microsoft has no choice but to try and keep up by coming out with a number of new updates even post-launch. The current Surface Pro 4 is already equipped with the very capable Intel Skylake processor.

Rumors pointed out that Microsoft would launch the Surface Pro 5 in June following the official launch of the Kaby Lake processors at the 2016 Computex.

Other reports indicate that the Surface Pro 5 will boast a 4K resolution display with 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution support, a USB Type-C Port with a rechargeable Surface Pen and a micro SD card slot for storage expansion.

No one can doubt the fact that last year's Surface Pro came in with a high grade of excellence. Unveiling the new device in October would also work well with consumers, enthusiasts, and the overall tech sector as most people would expect a year's difference between the two offerings.

A steep price tech suggests that Microsoft is aiming for the enterprise sector this time around, where Surface devices are the most successful. The devices have been perceived to be weaker than many others in the markets.

The next generation Intel processor consumes less power, which means that it will improve the battery life of the Surface Pro 5.


Speculations suggest that the base model of Surface Pro 5 may have a price tag of $899 and the top variant of the tablet may cost $1,800.

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