Kobe Bryant Thinks NBA Should Reduce Regular Season Games To Prevent Injuries

Kobe Bryant Thinks NBA Should Reduce Regular Season Games To Prevent Injuries

Kobe Bryant Thinks NBA Should Reduce Regular Season Games To Prevent Injuries

For years, NBA players have been making suggestions to the league about how to improve the product fans see on the court and keep players healthy, but their cries have fallen on deaf ears. Now, one of the biggest names in NBA history is adding his two cents, maybe the league will finally listen. Even though his Los Angeles Lakers were one of the worst NBA betting picks this season, Kobe Bryant has earned the right to speak his mind.

According to reports, Bryant recently admitted something many players and fans have been saying for years, the NBA season is too long. 

Bryant, who played in the NBA for 20 years, knows what the toll of playing 82 games in a season does to a person’s body. If you include the amount of playoff games he has played in, he played more than 21 seasons in the NBA.

Bryant believes that today’s players are seemingly more injured than they were in the past because of the way they grew up. Bryant said that kids today start playing basketball at the AAU level, and play until they are in their 30s if they make the NBA. The amount of games they play during that span puts a lot of mileage on their legs, making them susceptible to injuries.

In the interview, Bryant also said he believes the cutting nature of today's pro game also sets up players for catastrophic injuries. According to Kobe, there are a lot of things that need to be addressed to help reduce player injuries, but it all starts with reducing the number of games that they play each season.

Bryant said that the league has to think in terms of quality over quantity. The league can’t reduce the total number of regular season games by 5-10 games and expect a dramatic improvement. It has to significantly reduce the games by 20 or 30 games. By doing so, every game becomes more significant.

Kobe Bryant isn’t the first NBA player to suggest that the league reduce its regular season games to about 60 games, players like LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki have also suggested less regular season games. 

By chiming in, Bryant lends a lot of significant weight behind the push to reduce the number of regular season games. Bryant, who missed over 200 games in his career due to injuries is also speaking from the point of view of a player who knows that the number of games he played led to the injuries.

The games Bryant missed cost him a chance to break more NBA records than he did in his storied career. If he hadn’t missed those games, he would have had a legitimate chance to finish his career as the top scorer in league history.

Since it is Kobe Bryant that is speaking out on reducing the number of games played, some people are wondering if the ultra-competitive Bryant is only speaking out on the subject now in hopes of making sure nobody breaks his records. 

While it might make sense to some conspiracy theorists, it is highly unlikely because a competitor like Bryant would rather have someone break his record legitimately than try to take a shortcut to prevent it from happening.

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