Japanese Couple Leaves Son In Bear-Infested Woods

A seven-year-old boy is missing in a bear-infested mountainous region - after his parents dumped him there as a punishment.

Yamato Tanooka did not get lost during a hike through the mountains on the Hokkaido as the parents first claimed, the Guardian reports.

Yamato Tanooka, his mother and father had gone to pick wild vegetables in the countryside on Hokkaido, Japan's largest northern island.

Hundreds of emergency service workers continue combing the area looking for Yamato.

It is reported the parents were initially too afraid to admit they deliberately left the boy alone.

They later came clean saying they left him after he threw stones at cars driving on a street nearby. However for this Japanese couple, things didn't go quite as planned, and now they have ended up being the ones with a lesson learnt for life. They left him alone for five minutes, and could not find him when they returned.

As the police continued to interview the boy's parents, it eventually came to light that the boy had not, in fact, been gathering mountain greens.

More than 150 members of the local police and fire department have been searching for the boy since Saturday, but he has not yet been found.

Hokkaido is the northernmost of Japan's main islands and home to the ussuri brown bear, also known as the black grizzly.

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