Microsoft Kills Controversial Wi-Fi Sharing Feature

Sharing Wi-Fi network access in Windows 10 is now slightly more difficult thanks to the removal of the Wi-Fi Sense feature, which Microsoft announced this week.

Wi-Fi Sense allowed Windows users to share networks with contacts and to be automatically connected to networks that others shared with them. Once they signed into their Microsoft account, users could connect to networks shared by Facebook,, or Skype contacts. Enabling Wi-Fi Sense could also connect the Windows device to crowdsourced Wi-Fi networks automatically, presenting a potential privacy and security risk.

From Microsoft's point of view, this was a convenient feature, that allowed users to avoid begging for Wi-Fi passwords while visiting friends, or when friends visit.

While you would think that Microsoft would not interfere with a user's menu who is already running Windows 10 and is simply upgrading, the company's new aggressive stance with marketing its products does leave this question unanswered. You both have to be using Windows 10 and have Wi-Fi Sense enabled.


Wi-Fi sense will continue to crowd source locations of free Wi-Fi Hotspots, and connect to them automatically when available.

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