Trial date set for Trump University case

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman alleged that Trump University was unlicensed since it began operating in 2005 and promised lessons with real estate experts hand-picked by Trump, only one of whom had ever met him.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump will face a class-action lawsuit over his now-defunct Trump University.

Curiel, a judicial appointee of President Barack Obama, has been eager to get to trial and had planned for it this summer before Trump's surge in the primaries. "He's Hispanic - which is fine".

Petrocelli asked for a trial after Inauguration Day on January 20, but the judge raised concerns about distractions if Trump wins the election.

Curiel made a decision to split the difference: In an effort to "accommodate" Trump's political campaign, he agreed to put the trial off until after the election - but scheduled it right afterward, rather than "waiting for [a] President Trump to begin his first term", thereby "placing him a situation where, as a sitting president, he is taking up time as leader of the free world" to sit through trial.

The San Diego suit says Trump University, which was not accredited as a school, held seminars across the country that failed to deliver on the school's promises.

Trump is listed as a defense witness and may be called to testify.

The case, filed in 2010, involves former Trump University students who had paid as much as $35,000 for real estate seminars.

"Will they be able to stay clear of the media frenzy?" he asked.

Trump has railed against the judge in the San Diego case, calling him hostile and suggesting his positions may be the result of Trump's stance on border security.

Since the early 1980s, Trump has personally been sued at least 150 times in federal court, records show.

Ian Tuttle of the National Review called it a "Massive Scam", adding, "Trump University is now the defendant in three lawsuits - two class-action lawsuits filed in California, and one filed in NY by then-attorney general Eric Schneiderman, who told CNN's New Day in 2013: 'We started looking at Trump University and discovered that it was a classic bait-and-switch scheme". "If I didn't have a hostile judge in California, this case would have ended years ago", he said during a campaign rally in Arkansas last February 26.

"He's got very strong views about everything and he expressed his own views", Petrocelli said.

The lawsuit alleges the school misled students and scammed them out of thousands of dollars.

That fraud lawsuit, filed in 2013, seeks $US40 million in restitution plus penalties and other costs.

Schneiderman said Trump would be an "essential" witness when the case goes to trial. A lawsuit in NY could be heard as early as this fall.

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