James Corden Does Carpool Karaoke With Gwen Stefani Plus Two Huge Stars

James Corden's new Carpool Karaoke episode is here and he's brought in some of the biggest names in Hollywood to help.

Mr. Clooney and Ms. Roberts hitched a ride in the back of the auto during the May the 4th episode, which also included Ms. Stefani and Corden singing songs like "The Sweet Escape" and "Rich Girl".

Billed as "Gwen Stefani Carpool Karaoke (w/Surprise Guests)", the video starts with the standard Carpool Karaoke treatment: some No Doubt, some solo material, a surprisingly crude joke about Corden's dick.

"This guy's got nothing to do", Corden said as he called up none other than George Clooney, and when Clooney got in the auto, the pair argued over the fact he told Clooney he specifically needed two more people, so Clooney then called up Julia Roberts! Ugh, I love you, George.

When the duo happened upon an HOV lane, a traffic lane restricted for vehicles with four passengers, Corden pulls over to call a guy who's "got nothing to do" to join them.

Clooney was sure he knew the correct definition, describing a "hollaback girl" as a woman who is catcalled by a man at a construction site but refuses to acknowledge him.

As the journey comes to an end, the foursome sings the lyrics "we are the champions, my friends/And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end/We are the champions" by Queen.



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