Megyn Kelly to interview Donald Trump for Fox TV special

Megyn Kelly to interview Donald Trump for Fox TV special

Megyn Kelly to interview Donald Trump for Fox TV special

Kelly is a sharp interviewer, but she may be partially chastened by her experience with Trump after the primary debate last August.

The interview will take place in NY, to air on an upcoming Fox special titled "Megyn Kelly Presents".

Rumors that Trump would be interviewed for the special had circulated for weeks after the two met at Trump Tower in NY in April. The meeting was at my request. Trump was gracious with his time and I asked the presidential candidate to consider an interview.

Trump's reaction after the debate was to accuse Kelly of journalistic bias and to attack her integrity and credibility.

Donald Trump will do an interview with Megyn Kelly.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly - one of Donald Trump's most well-known punching bags - has now landed an interview with the Republican front runner.

He then added; 'And by the way, in all fairness, I give her a lot of credit for doing what she did'.

Kelly sent out a statement, cheering the upcoming interview. While he has continued to appear on other Fox News programs, he skipped "The Kelly File" and the second GOP debate that aired on the channel before the Iowa caucuses.

"I look forward to what promises to be a compelling and wide-ranging sit-down", Kelly said.

I'll even predict that Trump offers a statement of regret (if not an actual apology) over how the feud spun out of control and how Kelly was negatively impacted by the vitriol from Internet trolls. I have no idea whether Trump was genuinely chagrined about Kelly's questions last August, or whether he has carried on this Twitter-borne vendetta as a campaign sideshow to whip up his political following.

The two finally came face-to-face again for the Detroit GOP debate where Kelly was tough on Trump, showing video footage of Trump flip-flopping on issues. FOX News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes demanded an apology from Trump, who did not oblige, and soon after, Trump announced he would boycott Fox News - which he did for six days.

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