Rumor: PS4.5 Is Codenamed NEO, Upgrades And Price Revealed

Rumor: PS4.5 Is Codenamed NEO, Upgrades And Price Revealed

Rumor: PS4.5 Is Codenamed NEO, Upgrades And Price Revealed

According to a new report by Giant Bomb, more details have surfaced on the console, which is said to be codenamed "NEO" - quite clever if true, considering the codename for PlayStation VR during development was "Morpheus".

The PS4 NEO features the same octa-core AMD Jaguar processor as the PS4, albeit clocked at 2.1Ghz compared to the PS4's 1.6Ghz clock speed.

The report also claims that from October 2016, Sony will require every PS4 game to ship with a "Base Mode" and a "Neo Mode" - allowing the game to run on both original and updated consoles. "The NEO will also support 4K image output, but games themselves are not required to be 4K native", the post continues.

If you use the NEO mode, games can make use of the hardware upgrades of the PS4.5 console. Of course, this doesn't mean that the NEO will be available in October, only that Sony is building a base group of games for the upgraded console's launch, whenever that happens. Players will be able to retain all of the purchases they made on the PS4.

However, despite its all-around superior performance, no exclusive Neo games will be permitted by Sony. A release date wasn't mentioned in the leak, but the publication suggests the PS4 NEO will be $399.

NEO won't have exclusive titles, gameplay options, items or any other features; meaning that the consoles are pretty much the same, with NEO being more power than the previous PS4. Developers will also be given the freedom to upgrade their older games with patches to ready them for PS4 NEO as well.

Citing an online source, more reported details were shared on the upcoming console project, including: "Info from a meeting we had yesterday".

In the documents, Sony adamantly reminds developers that the frame rate of games in NEO Mode has to meet or exceed the frame rate of the original PlayStation 4 system.

Further to this new information, development kits are reportedly being released to studios which do not now include the final retail design set to be released.

None of this is confirmed as yet, of course, but if there's truth to the reports, Sony should have something official to share fairly soon.

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