Google's Chrome app launcher will be nixed this summer

Google's Chrome app launcher will be nixed this summer

Google's Chrome app launcher will be nixed this summer

That's the same conclusion Google came to, so it's retiring its Chrome app launcher on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Removing the Chrome app launcher is just one of the many ways Google is trying to do to simplify and speed up the Chrome browser due to the many criticisms like the sluggish navigation and the heavy power use.

Google explained that the removal process will start in the next several weeks and will take some months before everything is completely cleared away.

Chrome App launcher, which lets you open apps outside the browser, will soon retire. By July, the app launcher will be gone entirely.

You can find out more details about Google's plans to kill off the Chrome App Launcher over at the Chromium Blog at the link below.

It's worth noting that the removal of Chrome's app launcher won't mean the removal of apps in Google Chrome.

Google's web browser has an array of useful add ones via Chrome extensions, which bring new features and functionality to the browser.

As reported by Venture Beat, aside from offering browsing capability, Google Chrome also offers an environment for users to download and install applications. In practice, few people actually use the app launcher though.

The app launcher has been a part of the Chrome package for Windows, Mac, and Linux since back in 2013. "I'd say close to 75% of my app "launching" (in Windows) is via the Chrome App Launcher". With Chrome's continued emphasis on simplicity and streamlining browser features, the launcher will be removed from those platforms. In 2015, the internet company removed the desktop notification center icon of Chrome for the same reason.

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