Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile Now Available for Download

Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile Now Available for Download

Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile Now Available for Download

Microsoft's actions have sparked controversy in recent weeks through its plans to make it possible for games to run on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One console.

HERE recommends using the Windows Maps app on Windows 10 Mobile, stating that it contains numerous same elements and assets as the HERE Maps app. All this while, the company could cater to Windows 10 users, thanks to a workaround that will no longer be effective after June 30. The brand was featured on many Asha and Lumia series handsets in the past. Although there were many rumors about Microsoft rolling out the upgrade of Windows 10 Mobile for its existing devices, it never really happened.

But, things didn't materialize and Nokia put HERE maps on sale, with a German consortium, including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, purchasing it in August 2015.

After losing a popular app earlier this week, Windows 10 Mobile gains another. It also recently added 3D Touch support to its maps to deliver an advanced experience on the latest iPhone models.

After launching an app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets in July, Twitter is bringing the fun to Microsoft smartphones as well. Now there is apparently talk about allowing gamers to digitally share their Xbox One games with their friends. "It's suicide for a business to cut off their "fanbase" in one fell swoop".

The Windows 10 Mobile OS users have a very limited choice when it comes to the applications, and most major apps are now either working on a new update and have announced it, or have outright declined to have their apps released for the OS.

"We have an exciting update coming soon to insider builds, including an improved drive mode".

On the other hand, users of older Windows 8 phones will continue to receive critical bug fixes from HERE which means that even though they won't be able to enjoy new features, they will be able to use the app for their daily navigation needs.

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