Microsoft Wants to Turn the Xbox One into a PC or Smartphone

Microsoft Wants to Turn the Xbox One into a PC or Smartphone

Microsoft Wants to Turn the Xbox One into a PC or Smartphone

The Xbox head Phil Spencer has been a very vocal man of late, and this week the Washington-based executive has elaborated on the relationship between Microsoft and virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift. Spencer says that being able to separate software and hardware platforms from each other will enable the industry to "see more hardware innovation in the console space than we've ever seen".

Backwards compatible Xbox 360 games were formerly only available for purchase on their native console or on the Xbox Games Store site.

The important part is that Microsoft ultimately doesn't care. "We're allowing ourselves to decouple our software platform from the hardware platform on which it runs". Basically, comparing your Gamerscore with your friends' just got a whole lot easier, as players won't have to navigate through menu after menu just to see how many Achievements their friends have unlocked.

Today's news brings many more questions than answers.

"I think people want choice", Ybarra says. Of course, minor changes to the Featured section have been made with a better assortment of games, deals and community events.

Since then, things have been a bit quiet around the Phantom Dust front for the a year ago.

That's key at a time when Microsoft needs to convince the tech industry to support its Windows 10 operating system, which was released in July and now runs on just 11.9 percent of PCs. It will only be at that time when we'll see if the public is ready and willing to go along with Microsoft's vision. Speaking of upgrades, how exactly that would work on a gaming console? Not only would VR run better but so would regular games.

Despite the convergence of Xbox and Windows, Spencer still sees the Xbox One console as "fundamentally different" from your standard-issue laptop. There are options for adjusting "Chromatic aberration" and 'sharpen image'. Ubisoft Massive is even giving console gamers the option to adjust the game's lighting to improve frame rates.

You really can't add or take away from the hardware of the Xbox One console but that might change in the future. It will be interesting to see if peripheral, external hardware upgrades (in the vein of the Nintendo 64's optional Expansion Pak) can prove a fiscally reasonable route. How frequent would it be? EA Access, the subscription service from Electronic Arts that lets users play new and old games from its library on Xbox One, added the original Plants vs. Zombies (2010) on Monday, the first Xbox 360 game to be included. "I could get on board with every three years".

Microsoft has been making big pushes recently to unify both Windows PC and Xbox One gaming.

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