Tennis match-fixing: Novak Djokovic plays down allegations

Tennis match-fixing: Novak Djokovic plays down allegations

Tennis match-fixing: Novak Djokovic plays down allegations

Both Federer and defending champion Djokovic strolled through their opening matches in Melbourne, but were inevitably asked about the story rocking the sport.

Roger Federer: I would love to hear names.

Fernando Verdasco of Spain throws a sweat band into the crowd as he celebrates after defeating compatriot Rafael Nadal in their first round match at the Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne, Australia, Tuesday, Jan....

"The problem that we have in Australia and around the world is that where you have ball-by-ball betting, micro-betting, it's an invitation for corruption and corrupt practices because it's very easy to fix a particular micro-event within a game such as tennis", Xenophon told reporters.

It reportedly said 28 players were involved in match-fixing.

It was fair to say that more of the suspicious matches have moved down the tennis tree to the second and third division of tennis, he said - but the issue was by no means historical.

BBC and Buzzfeed obtained documents this week connecting 16 core players, all of whom were ranked in the top 50 at one point or another, with match-fixing since 2007. Half of those are entered in the Australian Open, the reports said.

"The Tennis Integrity Unit and tennis authorities absolutely reject any suggestion that evidence of match-fixing has been suppressed for any reason or isn't being thoroughly investigated", ATP Chairman Chris Kermode said at a news conference Monday, according to The Associated Press. 'I know for sure that match-fixing happens on the ATP Tour, just as tennis is not a drug-free sport, ' he said then.

"I was approached through people that were working with me at the time, that were on my team".

"Well, this is a subject for discussion, I think, today and in the future".

"I'm not really pro that, I don't think".

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Tennis match-fixing: Novak Djokovic plays down allegations

Djokovic wants to be clear that there is no place for this activity in any sport, and certainly not tennis. "It's a fine line".

Djokovic made $21 million previous year. It's hard to say. That gambling sponsor William hill is not implicated in the scandal.

"The distinction to make is that betting itself is not an illegal pastime and many people do bet on sport".

"Well, if you were going to invent a sport which was purposely designed for match fixing".

The sport introduced a new anti-corruption code in 2009 but after taking legal advice were told previous corruption offences could not be pursued retrospectively.

The revelation came after bombshell allegations over betting-related corruption rocked the first day of the Australian Open.

Lin said he would immediately report any attempt to interfere in one of his matches.

"I would take out the betting".

"I haven't played in a long time, but I have been playing for 30 years, so it's kind of - I try to focus on that", Williams said.

"We're trying to keep it as clean as possible".

In the past few years, other professional sports such as soccer (FIFA) and basketball (NBA) have seen incidents of match-fixing and other methods of corruption.

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