Flint mayor won't call for Snyder to step down

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver talks to reporters in Washington, D.C. Instead, private entities - a pediatrician in Flint and a private researcher outside the state - closely monitored the water quality and were credited for bringing the issue to light. He also said the state and city can not meet all the needs of Flint residents.

The next day, Muchmore noted rising concerns about lead, but said "DEQ and DHHS and EPA can't find evidence of a major change". He called the release of the messages - which are exempt from Michigan's public-records law - "unprecedented" but necessary so people "know the truth".

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency memo documenting high lead levels in Flint homes and expressing concern over the state's failure to ensure Flint's water wouldn't corrode city pipes had been reported by the American Civil Liberties Union in July. His administration is engulfed in criticism. "If I were a parent up there, I would be beside myself that my kid's health could be at risk".

Even though emergency managers are only supposed to serve for 18 months, Snyder has repeatedly had managers resign after 17 months and 29 days, which allows him to appoint another financial manager and keep cities under state control with no chance of removal. Pray that Cher decides to send more bottled water for the next two years that it takes to fix the poisonous pipes in the city of Flint? But Flint did not return to Detroit water until October 2015 after tests showed elevated levels of lead, which can cause brain damage and other health problems, in Flint tap water and in some children.

The Michigan House on Wednesday approved Snyder's $28 million request.

Young explained that Gov. Snyder and those he appointed are all liable and need to be held accountable for their involvement. He is expected to include additional funding in his February budget proposal.

It took another year, and numerous protests and expert opinions before Michigan Governor Rick Snyder finally stepped in and announced that the state would purchase water filters for schools.

The emails were posted Wednesday on his website, www.michigan.gov/snyder.

The second-term Republican, who devoted most of his annual State of the State speech Tuesday night to the emergency in Flint, also pledged greater transparency.

Flint, under a state-appointed emergency manager, switched to Flint River water in April 2014 from the Lake Huron supply that Detroit uses to save money.

Lead contamination can lead to behavior problems and learning disabilities in children and kidney ailments in adults.

The governor submitted his appeal on Wednesday, likening the crisis to a flood and saying that the city's lead-contaminated water is a "natural catastrophe in the sense that lead contamination into water is a natural process".

The city declared an emergency on December 14, 2015, the county on January 4, 2016, Snyder on January 5, and President Barack Obama on January 16, clearing the way for federal aid to the city.

In their debates and rally sound snippets, the parade of Republican candidates reminded us that we need to let state and local governments solve all our problems - because we sure can't trust expletive-deleted Washington to get it right.

Flint's water became contaminated with too much lead when its water source was switched in a cost-cutting measure in 2014. The governor, who is now under federal investigation and battling a class action lawsuit from residents, promised this week to step up aid to the city, finance infrastructure improvements, and release two years of his e-mails related to the water contamination.

The mayor, who took office in November, said she had also met on Wednesday with members of Michigan's congressional delegation.

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