Bowie fans petition God to resurrect him

We began collaborating on our show, "Lazarus", and at some point he took me to one side to say that he wouldn't always be able to be there due to his illness.

A young organist's musical tribute to the late David Bowie has been viewed almost three million times since it was posted yesterday.

The 69-year-old passed away on Sunday after an 18-month battle with cancer.

"The unexpected death of David Bowie has turned this tribute, which we have worked on for the past 7 months, into a memorial concert", said.

The video for Lazarus, which depicts a bandaged Bowie in a hospital bed, is poignantly foreboding.

Speaking about the sad news of Bowie's, Mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, said: "David Bowie had immeasurable talent and demonstrated unparalleled levels of freedom".

The album contains seven songs, including one called Lazarus which starts with the lyrics: "Look up here, I'm in heaven, I've got scars that can't be seen, I've got drama, can't be stolen, everybody knows me now".

"You know I'll be free / Just like that bluebird / Now, ain't that just like me?"

"He made "Blackstar" for us - his parting gift", Bowie's friend and longtime producer Tony Visconti said Monday.

Coming just two days after his birthday, and the release of what would be his final album, Blackstar, the news of his passing seemed especially shocking. It's followed at No. 11 by "Under Pressure", Bowie's indelible collaboration with Queen, which was played more than 1.374 million times.

"I saw a man fighting", van Hove told NPO Radio.

Although "black stars" are usually found in the breast, and can show evidence that the radial scar they form around is benign, rather than cancerous, for many fans the discovery has significance with Bowie's choice of album title.

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