49ers' Kelly OK without say in personnel

The San Francisco 49ers are introducing Chip Kelly as their new head coach on Wednesday.

Kelly denied the rumor that he had interest in trading for Kaepernick last season, though he respects Kaepernick's abilities.

On Wednesday, Kelly revealed himself up close and personal. This is going to be a handsome marriage.

And Kelly called for unity as he attempts to create a winning team at Levi's Stadium.

"We all learn", he said. He's a well-rounded, highly innovative coach with a proven track record of success at every level of competition, including the NFL. "I'm not a prediction guy".

Kelly becomes the third 49ers coach in three seasons, but York promised Kelly will be around for a while.

I was in the group of people who wanted Hue Jackson as the head coach; unfortunately someone actually said, "I would actually like to go to Cleveland rather than San Francisco". This as a result of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, which restricts coaches from discussing football matters until the beginning of the official offseason program, which begins on April 4.

The big question for Kelly is the future of quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

After firing Tomsula, the 49ers quickly hired the former Philadelphia Eagles head coach.

NFL players rejected Kelly's scientific approach to certain elements of football, including a urine sample that told personnel whether they were hydrated enough before practice or at risk of pulling a muscle. I would call it a win if they somehow were able to manufacture a drive that lasted 45+ seconds.

If a coach wants his team to play hard for him, he needs to develop a relationship which motivates the players to fight for the coach.

When Baalke interviewed Kelly in the living room of his New Hampshire residence, Kelly's golden retriever sat on the general manager's lap for almost two hours. I can't really answer that question, how [Kelly] felt. He probably should have just led with that.

He continued: "I think Rex definitely has that National Football League [attitude], 'Guys, be men, be veterans.' But also, in his credit, he's played and coached with guys like Ray Lewis".

Kelly said he is not concerned about the 49ers' recent coaching history involving Harbaugh and Tomsula.

As far as this coaching staff, has only committed to keep running back coach Tom Rathman, and said he is now interviewing for the other coaching positions. I don't think you're gonna get that with Chip Kelly. We were rag-tag. There were games where it didn't look like we were putting forth 100 percent effort.

" So how did Kelly react to being described as "borderline crazy"... twice?"

All of the talk has been about what Kelly will do with Kaepernick, but the team has another quarterback who could be a better fit in the coach's system.

" Kelly shot down criticism that his style of offense has an adverse effect on his defense". One of the things that attracted me to come here is it's the most fertile ground - walk to work this morning, you smell the air and get smarter. "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't".

"Doug, I know him very well", McCoy said. "You have to have belief and conviction in what you're doing".

This is going to be fun.

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